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3K Battery

3K Battery is a flagship brand by TSB / Universal Energy Storage, one of the oldest and largest Battery Factory and battery supplier in Thailand with a monthly production of over 350,000 units.


For over 25 years, the 3K battery brand has become synonymous with quality and performance, providing longer battery life and lower cost of ownership for all our automotive batteries, deep cycle solar, deep cycle traction and stationary batteries.


Every aspect of our battery production being controlled and made in-house (from grid production to the pasting and formation / charging) processes at our ISO and state of the art facilities, we are able to confidently supply the highest quality possible to all our partners… in fact every singly battery that leaves our production side has been individually tested to ensure the highest standards and performance that has become expected from our best in class batteries.


With our Auto Battery factory side, focusing on the production as well as research and development of the latest car battery and truck battery technologies along with our Deep Cycle production and R&D side focusing on the latest in renewable technology systems, we are continually delving deep into the providing the best electrical power solutions available for our partners world wide.


Our philosophy of never compromising our automotive batteries or Deep Cycle batteries, our 3K brand has become the market leader in not only in our local Thailand battery market but also in many other export territories, be they to OEM suppliers or to the aftermarket segment.


From our battery factory floor to our management team, we all invite you to test our 3K battery systems, whether it be for your car, truck, solar or deep cycle application projects, so that you will never be short of power again.