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Company Profile

3K Company Profile

Our Philosophy

  • To live up to our reputation
    • 3K batteries are respected worldwide for the quality and performance… we continually strive to ensure that every one of our batteries continue to live up to its full potential.
  • To create an inventory of products that are reliable and trustworthy
    • 3K batteries are all crafted by dedicated engineers and every detail, from its inception to delivery is meticulously monitored and refined to ensure quality and performance.
  • To cultivate relationships with customers that will stand the test of time
    • We know that it is our customers who keep 3K at the top of the battery industry and as their demands change, we strive to change with them to ensure that they are always able to meet their market requirements.


With a quarter of a century under our belt, Universal Energy Storage and 3K batteries and products are held in the highest esteem in the OEM and aftermarket segments.

With a production base that is among the leaders in the automotive and deep cycle battery segment, we have built a reputation on providing only the best to not only our customers, but also to the world.

Our batteries have reached all corners of the globe and no matter the weather conditions or terrain, 3K batteries and products will never fail you.

From our early days to today, the 3K name has become a staple in the battery industry, in a way that we could not have dreamed… we are proud to say that we are in the top tier of automotive battery production.

In the beginning, 3K produced conventional Dry Charged automotive batteries before expanding our production capabilities to include the Maintenance Free automotive batteries as well as a range of Deep Cycle Solar, Traction and Stationary Batteries…

Our newest addition of the Fully Sealed Maintenance Free line, has ensured that we are always meeting the market demands.

Main Battery Products

  • Automotive MF Battery
    • Vented Maintenance Free Batteries that give the flexibility of maintaining the battery with very low water loss.
  • Automotive SMF Battery
    • Fully Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries for “install and forget” ease of use.
  • Deep Cycle Stationary Batteries
    • Produced and designed for large Deep Cycle Projects and applications (Standby Power applications).