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Automotive Battery

Automotive Battery

About 3K Automotive Battery

For over 25 years, we have been dedicated to producing the best quality automotive (car and truck) batteries in Thailand.

As a core focus of our production side, our automotive batteries are the market leader not only in the local Thailand market, but also in several overseas territories.

What is an Automotive Battery

An automotive battery (also known as an SLI battery) is a battery that has been designed for Starting, Lighting and Ignition of a vehicle.

The main purpose of this battery type is to start the engine of the vehicle or engine and has been designed for shallow high discharges with rapid recharge.

Types of Automotive Batteries we supply

Our 3K automotive battery line covers a large variety of battery technologies, to support all market requirements, from the traditional DRY charged (low maintenance) batteries to the Accessible Maintenance Free (MF) and Flooded Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) type batteries.

  • Accessible MF Automotive Battery
  • Accessible MF
  • High Power
  • Casted Plates

  • Sealed MF Automotive Battery
  • Fully Sealed for install and forget use
  • Superior starting cranking
  • Expanded Grid production technology