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Dry Charged Automotive Battery

3K Dry Charged Automotive Battery

What is a 3K Dry Charged Battery.

A dry charged battery, is a battery that is produced to be activated once the electrolyte is added at the end user side.

This battery type plates are fully charged, however when assembling the battery at the production side, we do not add any electrolyte, which allows the battery to be kept in store for long periods of time, until such time that the battery is required for use.

Dry Charge Battery

Advantages of the 3K Dry Charged Battery

  • Very long shelf life (if not activated and vents are properly covered)
  • Quick activation technology ensures that the battery is ready to use promptly once the electrolyte is added.
  • Casted battery grids.
  • Superior Corrosion Resistance.
  • Easy Re-Charge.

Dry Charged Battery Range

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Technical Information

Technical Information