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Deep Cycle

Deep Cycle Battery

About Deep Cycle Battery.

  • We at 3K Battery, pride ourselves on providing the highest quality batteries that stand the test of time and had driven our technical design team to produce a Deep cycle battery that lives up to the 3K brand reputation and performance.

What is a Deep Cycle Battery?

  • A deep cycle battery is a battery that has been designed to be able to take the punishment of regular deep discharge of its stored electrical¬†capacity (between 45-75%).
  • Whereas a normal “starter” battery will be damaged should it be used in this way, due to the plate designs and composition, as deep cycle battery will not have any negative¬†effects.

Why use a Deep Cycle Battery?

  • In many countries, the use of Deep Cycle batteries has yet to reach the mass market and instead many still use the conventional automotive batteries for Deep Cycle use (UPS, SOLAR, etc.)
  • We at 3K batteries endeavour to change this, as the life time usage cost of a deep cycle battery is significantly lower than that of using a “starter” automotive battery for deep cycle use and thus the end users can keep more of their hard-earned cash for their use.
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Deep Cycle Electric Battery.

  • For Solar Application
  • For Wind Application
  • For Emergency Power Application
  • Supplied Wet or Dry Charged
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Deep Cycle Golf Cart Battery.

  • For Golf Cart Application
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Deep Cycle Forklift Battery.

  • For Electric Forklift Applications
  • Supplied as Green Cell or Wet Charged
  • Supplied loose or as complete set.