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EB Deep Cycle Battery

3K Deep Cycle EB Battery

Durable, Longer lasting 3K Deep Cycle Electric Battery

3K Deep Cycle electric batteries provide reliable, longer discharge capabilities for all your deep cycle needs.

With focus on durability and technological innovation, we have created a longer lasting battery that provides you power when needed for all your Solar, Wind, UPS and other Deep cycle power requirements.

Deep Cycle Electric Battery

  • Long Discharge Ability
  • Larger and Thicker Plates
  • Superior Corrosion Resistance
  • Easy Re-Charge
  • Lasts up-to 4 times longer than the standard automotive battery in Deep Cycle Application

Electric Battery Range

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Electric Battery Technical Specification

Relations between Depth of Discharge and Life.

The life of a battery is mostly affected by the depth of discharge.

Battery life characteristics between the Deep Cycle and Automotive batteries.

As a deep cycle battery is specifically made for deep discharges, it can last over 4 times longer that a normal automotive battery in similar application.