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Deep Cycle Traction / Forklift Battery

3K Deep Cycle Traction / Forklift Battery

3K Deep Cycle Traction / Forklift Battery

We are proud to introduce our 3K Traction / Forklift batteries.

With a production team with more than two decades of experience, our forklift batteries are of the highest quality and produced utilizing the latest State-of-the-art technologies and processes to ensure that the batteries always fulfil our client’s needs.

Supplied to Thailand, Japan and other countries, our 3K Traction / Forklift batteries are sure to provide the motive power you require.

Traction / Forklift Battery Breakdown

Technology behind our Traction Deep Cycle Battery

As Thailand’s first Traction battery manufacturer, our batteries have been engineered to provide long lasting performance and superior water conservation.

  • Vent Type Technology
  • Superior corrosion resistance grids
  • Longer life of battery cells
  • Injection moulded spine girds for better performance
  • High impact resistance containers
  • DIN standard cables
  • Electrolyte vent plug indicator for ease of maintenance
  • Excellent vibration resistance.

Traction Battery Range

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Charging Characteristics & Maintenance