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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property


3K, its partners and associates retain sole ownership of any apparatus information or descriptions, PDF scans, company information or any dictation, language or phrasing about 3K, its affiliates and subsidiaries and products found on this site.

All information is under jurisdiction of copyright laws that are at the full disclosure of all buyers who visit this site on this date.

All scans, forms, testimonies, documents or any material that may be printed that are found on this site are to only be used for the process of gathering information and all aforementioned materials are to be used privately by the buyer.

Intellectual Property laws restrict the use of documents found on this site for reasons other than private use, private viewing or information gathering.

Protected Name

Sole ownership of all Trademarked and Registered logos, ideas, names, photos, images, graphics and products found on this site belong to 3K and its affiliates and subsidiaries.

The use of any of the Trademarked and Registered property is restricted unless the buyer receives written and clear permission by 3K, its associates or subsidiaries.

Commitment of the User

Any buyer who used any site owned by 3K, its affiliates or subsidiaries agrees and understands that any provided information given on the part of the buyer becomes the property of 3K and its affiliates and subsidiaries and these entities may use the buyer’s information anyway that they see fit.

It is also understood by the buyer that third parties may also access this information and those third parties cannot be held liable for any damages.

All buyers understand that information provided on their part is done so at their own risk and all buyers upon visitation of this site agree to these terms and conditions.

Hypertext Links

3K, its associates and affiliates cannot and will not be held accountable for the use of information provided by any third-party hyperlinks found on this site.

3K, its associates and subsidiaries do not hold any government over these sites and will not be held liable for any false information provided or any damages or financial losses incurred by the buyer who uses these third-party sites and links