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Privacy Policy

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Upon visitation to this site, any visitors shall further be referred to as “buyer” and the owner and operator of this site shall further be referred to as “3K”.

It is to be understood that all knowledge, instruction, material, opinions and links on both this site and any of its subsidiaries are displayed without ill intent and that the buyer accepts this information and utilizes the links at their own risk.

All materials found on this site are true and legal to the full knowledge of the owners of this site of this day; however, we do not ensure or guarantee that any of the information is correct or accurate in whole or in any part. The buyer is subject to this information and utilizes this information at their own risk with no fault to us or our subsidiaries.

We cannot be held liable or at fault for any financial loss or damages which are a direct result of

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3K, its subsidiaries and associates do not claim or state that any of the content and information found on this site may not impede upon or violate any copyrights, patents or trademarks.

There are not statements or assurances to the functionality, workability of life span of any or all the apparatus found on this site.

3K, its associates and subsidiaries have the right to never update or appropriate any or all the information found on this site in regards to apparatus or their descriptions.

We retains the right to change, update or appropriate information on this site with no prior or subsequent notice to buyers.